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It’s more than living in a house, it’s about making it your home. From connecting you to our network of recommended services, local community information to what’s going on around town, I am here for you.

Thom Melendez

Central - Tucson

Mobile:(520) 349-4107

As a military dependent, I've lived in the Philippines and MacGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, so I know what it is like to move into a new community.

As a real estate professional dedicated to the needs and goals of my clients, I always keep in mind the challenges of moving, even if it is only from one part of Tucson to another. Opening the door to new friends, cultural activities, amazing places to eat and friendly neighborhoods is my specialty!

People closest to me describe me as resilient, supportive, dependable, loyal and even funny. I am bilingual in Spanish and relate to the needs of those who do not know English well, but who still want to participate in the American Dream of homeownership. Since I was 14 years old, I have always worked in some form of service industry or education, so it is not hard to make sure buyers and sellers of all stripes get the attention and support they need.

I also bring to the table impressive marketing and home search technologies through Long Realty, which allow buyers and sellers the opportunity to work alongside me in checking out homes throughout Arizona or reaching potential buyers through our sophisticated web presence. After all, I work with a company that has a 90 year plus history in serving thousands upon thousands of families in Southern Arizona.

Finally, I am dedicated to giving back to the community that has given me so much. Therefore, I am committed to making a gift to a local 501 C 3 non- profit organization from every commission I earn from helping you. Ask me about the organizations I have selected.

If you're ready to open a few doors to eager buyers or especially for yourself, you need a professional on your side who understands how it all works. Call or text me today, and I'll be there, pronto!

Thank you,


Bear Down Arizona!

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Client Reviews

I have known Thom for years. We worked together at the University of Arizona - go wildcats! Since I have known him, Thom has become a good friend and confidant. He is someone that really cares about people. Thom believes in strengthening communities and sharing his life experiences to help make this world a better place. He is someone that you innately trust. When we are ready to buy a house, we will be calling him!

Sean C

I have known Thom through my work and volunteering with the University of Arizona Arthritis Center, and since, as a friend with whom I enjoy stimulating conversation and a trustworthy friend I can count on to check my home when on vacation. The first time I met Thom it felt like I had known him my whole life. He is so easy to talk to. I have observed that this is not unique to me. Thom is extremely bright, honestly humble, and has many and varied interests which endears him to many. Thom not only cares about our community, but the people in it.....from all walks of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Thom as a realtor to my friends throughout the community or neighbors in my subdivision/HOA. Gail Kershner Riggs, MA, CHES (ret.) Clinical Lecturer and Research Specialist, Administrator, SW Arthritis Center and Restorative Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine 1982 Tucson's Woman of the Year


Great guy! Goes the extra mile. Thom was a pleasant professional around all things to do with the sale of our Far Eastside home. Was able to navigate complex family issues and wide range of personalities; I was out of town; Mom in assisted living; sister in other state w Power of Attorney; plus things like overgrowth on golf course, giving us good direction on how to price and present the home. He’s a pleasure to work with, honorable, open and very friendly.

John R

Thom is great!! I would highly recommend!

Belen &

Tom was very entheuastic and very thorough. He went above and beyond to get my Mothers home sold for the max dollars and in the shortes time. The family was so pleased how he handled my Mom and all the little (and big) situations.

Gail l

Working with Thom has been wonderful. I found Thom's knowledge and expertise in the searching and purchasing process to be exceptional. His ability to respond quickly and thoroughly put any concerns or anxieties I had at ease. His kindness and thoughtfulness to my special circumstances immediately ingratiated him to my entire family. He went above and beyond! As you prepare yourself to make such an important decision and investment I would recommend him highly.

Lourdes C

We have worked with five different realtors in our lives, and Thom is the first one we would recommend to friends. He was amazing. He brings his experience as a former classroom teacher to the profession: he is patient, he asks questions, he listens, and he gave us time to process and reach our own conclusions. We are new to Tucson and he helped show us around town, but also focused our home search to where we knew we wanted to buy a home. Our seller was difficult to say the least, and Thom worked hard to minimize that negative impact on our experience. He took care of everything, and really helped us purchase a home that we love and that makes us happy.

Fred &

My wife and I met Thom at an open house recently. Thom took the time to get to know both of us and listen to our needs and ideas. Then he took us through the house pointing out the not obvious items and issues. He had studied the house well and was not just babysitting or buyer harvesting. Thom is involved in a variety of interesting pursuits, especially in the non profit world which makes him a lot of fun to get to know. Joanne and I would recommend Thom either as a listing or selling agent.

Jeff Robertson

Tom was great to work with on selling my house. He made the process very easy to understand and kept me informed on every step. Would highly recommend him.

Chris Espinoza

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